Aluminium Profiles

We currently have 15 presses for the production of aluminium profiles available in Germany, Belgium and Turkey.

Plant 1: 2,500 t and 4,500 t presses
Plant 2: 2,500 t and 3,500 t presses

Plant 3: 800 t, 1,670 t, 1,300 t, 1,670 t, 2,100 t, 2,600 t presses

Plant 4: 800 t, 1,460 t, 1,800 t presses

Plant 5: 2,500 t and 4,500 t presses

On 2 presses we can cool with water.

Minimum weight 0.060 kg / m

Maximum weight: 20 kg / m

Maximum dimensions

Profile with hollow chambers: 460 mm x 30 mm

Open profile: 460 mm x 60 mm

Rectangular tube: 360 x 130 mm

Round rod: 90 mm

Maximum length: 14,000 mm

The possible alloys include 1050A, 6060, 6063, 6005, 6082, 6061, 6101 and 6082. You can find more information on the compressed materials here.

How are aluminium profiles actually manufactured?

The process of extruding an aluminium profile is an art in itself. To put it simply, the hot aluminium, in the form of a round extrusion billet, is pushed through a steel disc with cut-outs of the desired cross-section. This explanation also works well for an open profile. In the case of an aluminium profile with hollow chambers, several tool components are necessary. The material is directed around cores and flows into a hollow-chamber profile within the tool. This shows the knowledge that is necessary for the production of aluminium profiles. About 1,000 parameters, such as the temperature of the tool, speed of extrusion and the cooling, influence the desired result. The staff at the presses have many years of experience.